Slow Flowers Creative Workshop: Floral Storytelling by DEBRA PRINZING
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Slow Flowers Creative Workshop: Floral Storytelling

Welcome to the Slow Flowers Creative Workshop: Floral Storytelling – an introductory course for floral entrepreneurs who dream of writing effortless content across all of their platforms.
In this course, we will accomplish three writing objectives, each of which is covered in a module with several lessons. Here’s what the course entails: 

1 – ENHANCE YOUR LANGUAGE with Floral Adjectives, Color Descriptions and Simile/Metaphor. This section expands on the mini-course I recently taught for Fleurvana with several lessons to develop your floral language fluency.

2 – INTRODUCING YOU AND YOUR STORY on your About Page. I'll break down the do’s and don’ts as you craft a personal “about” bio for your website and media kit. We'll cover the best elements of your media kit and how and what your About Page.

3 – DRAFT, REVISE AND COMPLETE a fully-developed article, blog post or memoir-ish essay, suitable for publication. I'll cover useful templates you can use to jump-start your blog, or expand your content, such as a personal journal, article or essay.

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Enrollment is closed

Three Modules, Ten Lessons, Six Worksheets & Three Writing Templates

Slow Flowers Creative Workshop: Floral Storytelling
113 KB
Introduction to Course
Debra Prinzing Introduces Floral Storytelling
8 mins
Introduction > Overview of the Course
Meet Instructor Debra Prinzing
Debra's Welcome Message
6 mins
Floral Storytelling Course Outline.pdf
243 KB
Goal Setting Worksheet.pdf
61.6 KB
Module One Introduction: Enhancing Your Language
Module One Intro Message.MOV
5 mins
Module One: Introduction
Module One/Lesson One
Module One_Lesson One.MOV
9 mins
Flower and Plant Writing Prompts Module 1 Lesson 1.pdf
7.97 MB
Floral Adjectives and Nouns.pdf
82.3 KB
Module One/Lesson Two
Module One_Lesson Two.MOV
10 mins
Color Palette Writing Prompts Module 1 Lesson 2.pdf
6.58 MB
Slow Flowers_Creative_Workshop_COLOR_Study.pdf
94.4 KB
Module One/Lesson Three
Module One_Lesson Three.MOV
9 mins
Metaphor_Simile_Module 1_Lesson 3.pdf
6.73 MB
Phrases for Flowers & Plants.pdf
99.2 KB
Module One/Lesson Four
Module One_Lesson Four.MOV
12 mins
Sensory Writing Prompts.pdf
17.2 MB
Descriptive Words for 4 Seasons.pdf
73.8 KB
Bonus Lesson 5: Verbs
Module One_Bonus Lesson Five.MOV
10 mins
Creative Writing Verb Prompts.pdf
68.3 KB
Verbs for Flowers and Plants.pdf
50.8 KB
Module Two: Introducing You and Your Story
Module Two_Intro.MOV
9 mins
Module Two/Lesson One
Module Two_Lesson_One.MOV
7 mins
Module Two_Lesson One_Writing Prompts 1-6.pdf
64.8 KB
Module Two/Lesson Two
5 mins
Module Two_Lesson Two_Writing Prompts_1-8.pdf
122 KB
Bonus Interview with Paula Panich
Bonus Q&A with Paula Panich.MOV
27 mins
Paula Panich Writing Wisdom2.docx.pdf
750 KB
Module Two/Lesson Three
6 mins
Module Two_Lesson Three_Writing Prompts 1-3.pdf
60.3 KB
Five W's + 1 H Worksheets
64.8 KB
79.5 KB
Module Three Introduction: Draft, Revise and Complete a Blog Post, Journal Entry, or Floral Article
Module Three Intro.MOV
5 mins
Module Three/Lesson One
11 mins
Four Templates.pdf
774 KB
Module Three/Lesson Two
Module Three_LessonTwo.MOV
10 mins
Phrases for Flowers & Plants.pdf
92.2 KB
Bonus Interview with Mary-Kate Mackey
37 mins
Mary-Kate Mackey Handout.docx
96.1 KB
Module Three/Lesson Three
Module Three_Lesson Three.MOV
11 mins
Themes and Topics Calendar.pdf
92.2 KB
Bonus Module: 9 tips to overcome writing roadblocks
9 tips to overcome writing roadblocks.pdf
87.4 KB